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PRESS RELEASE: Intelligence report report of Russian activities in the Baltic states is out

European Values Think-Tank publishes a new report comparing available intelligence reports of Baltic security institutions focusing on Russian activities in the region. Part of the full report, published by the Atlantic Council, lists the tools that Russia uses in the Baltic region to distort and manipulate local internal affairs. Some of these instruments have been used by Kremlin in different national settings, from the Dutch AA Referendum throughout the Brexit debate to the US electoral campaign:

1) Supporting extremists
2) Manipulating the Russian diaspora
3) Using government-organized NGOs
4) Using history as a tool
5) Launching and expanding media projects
6) Stepping up the activities of Russia’s spy organizations
7) Launching cyber-attacks
8) Using energy as leverage


It is clear that some of these measures of hostile influence, reported by Baltic intelligence agencies in 2015, will be used for example in Germany prior to the Bundestag elections in fall 2017,” says Jakub Janda, Deputy Director of European Values Think-Tank who authored the report.



Jakub Janda
Vedoucí Programu Kremlin Watch
Deputy Director of European Values Think-Tank