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Summit 2016

The STRATCOM SUMMIT held in Prague gathered 230 experts on strategic communication for four days comparing know-how and strategies during more than thirty individual sessions. 60 state experts on disinformation from allied and partner nations talked at restricted sessions at STRATCOM SUMMIT. We had 15 nations represented, some at level of Director of Communications at PM Office or head of national stratcoms. EEAS and NATO SHAPE stratcom heads had their sessions also.

“The Prague STRATCOM SUMMIT was an excellent forum for getting to grips with the problem and especially in bringing together so many national StratCom teams, because to succeed we must work together.”

– Mark Laity,

I returned from Prague STRATCOM SUMMIT with 5 pages full of different ideas which might improve our STRATCOM system.
– Major Linas Idzelis
STRATCOM Team at Lithuanian Armed Forces

“The 2016 Prague STRATCOM SUMMIT was a great possibility to get to know different people working in that specific field of interest as well as their respective experiences and opinions. The discussions both restricted to state experts and open to all participants have broadened my horizon and gave extremely valuable insights to the overall topic of StratCom.”

–  ‎Lieutenant colonel Oliver Schiller,
Centre of Operative Communication of Bundeswehr