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Summit 2020

The European Values Center for Security Policy and Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies are organizing the 6th iteration of STRATCOM SUMMIT in Prague.

Following last year’s success, the sixth iteration of the STRATCOM SUMMIT 2020 will focus on:

  • European responses to Russian malign influence & disinformation
  • Policy options for countering Chinese digital totalitarian
  • Raising costs for Russian and Chinese influence in Europe
  • Analyzing current and potential nexus of Russian and Chinese influence cooperation.

Opening address for the Stratcom Summit 2020
by Dr. Harry Ho-jen Tseng


Taiwan is a great inspiration for Europe. As a strong liberal democracy, it faces an existential threat from communist China. Taiwanese institutions have shown that they know how to defend their homeland in the face of pressure from Beijing. But the Taiwanese people need allied support.

We believe that European countries should recognize Taiwan as an independent state as it is friendly, upholds fundamental human rights, possesses much knowledge to offer for defending the sovereignty of liberal democracies, and doesn’t use commercial interests as a means of political coercion. Therefore, we at European Values Center for Security Policy contend that European democracies should engage in defense and security cooperation with Taiwan. That is why we are happy to welcome strong presence of Taiwanese experts at this STRATCOM SUMMIT.

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