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[17. 12. 2020] European Values Talk #10: Disruption and exploitation of civil unrest in Germany during the pandemic (on-line panel debate)

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Controversy surrounding the origin, the nature as well as the necessary therapy to combat COVID19 have been raging in Germany in the last six months. As a reaction to the new measures of the Merkel administration, conspiracy theories have gained momentum. A ‚spontaneous’ grassroot movement has made front news, protesting the lockdown and advocating for a categorical refusal to wear masks. They have been organizing demonstrations in major cities. These were largely covered by Russian media. With the arrival of new vaccines, the anti-vaccination movement has joined the movement of protest.

Our panellists will discuss the role of disinformation surrounding the pandemic in Germany and Austria, trying to address the cui bono dimension of the anti-vaccination movement, as well as suggest solutions to counter misleading narratives.


Douglas Selvage, Research Associate at the Institute for History of the Humboldt University in Berlin.
Martin Malek, Researcher, National Defense Academy of Austria
Edward Lucas, Vice President, Centre for European Policy Analysis
Nathalie Vogel, Senior Fellow to the Kremlin Watch Program at the European Values Center for Security Policy


Veronika Víchová, Deputy Director for Analysis and Head of Kremlin Watch Program at the European Values Centre for Security Policy


Thursday, December 17, 2020

16:30-18:00 CET


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