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PRESS RELEASE: Information Defense Hub (IDH) for Ukrainian experts launched in Prague

Information Defense Hub (IDH) for Ukrainian experts launched in Prague

The European Values Center for Security Policy (EVC) has decided, in reaction to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, to extend the scope of its activities and launch Information Defense Hub. The aim of this project is to cooperate with Ukrainian specialists on Russian aggression in the information and economic sphere. Many of those specialists were forced to flee Ukraine and have found a safe refuge in the Czech Republic.

“Together with our Ukrainian friends, we are facing the same enemy. Russian aggression is not just about Ukraine but about the whole of Europe. Our goal is to obtain the most accurate information from within Russia and Ukraine, which our Ukrainian experts can do very well thanks to their knowledge and contacts. The war with Russia can last a long time, which is why we want to have a team of specialists in Prague and in the future within Ukraine, thanks to which the actions of the Czech Republic and European structures can be as informed as possible,” explains Jakub Janda, the European Values Center Director.

The IDH has launched its activities with the first Ukrainian experts, among them Sonya Koshkina, Editor-in-Chief of a Ukrainian news portal Leviy Bereh. Sonya explains, “we are grateful to our Czech colleagues for showing interest in our experience and for helping us to share our know-how and knowledge with Czech and other European colleagues”. A number of other experts will be part of the Hub’s team, but due to their personal safety, the identity of only some of them will be published.

The Hub will produce bi-weekly analytical briefs in English and Czech that will explain the latest developments in Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, the Ukrainian reaction and possibilities of cooperation between European states and Ukraine.

The development of the Hub has been generously and largely supported by individual donors, mainly from the Czech Republic and the development agency of the United States (USAID).

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The content guarantor of the Center is a senior analyst David Stulík, who has served as a diplomat at the EU Delegation in Kyiv in the past twelve years.