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Central European Program


The program is suspended from summer 2023

Central European Program is dedicated to monitoring and analyzing hybrid threats, foreign influence, and strategic communications in Hungary and Slovakia. Within the program, with the base of operations in Prague, the European Values Center already publishes a bi-weekly newsletter “Orban Watch Briefing”, which provides insights into the latest developments in Hungary.

To the detriment of Europe’s military, economic, and energy security, Orbán regime serves authoritarian Russia and China’s interests in neighbor countries, Brussels and beyond. You can subscribe to the bi-weekly newsletter Orban Watch Briefing to be regularly updated on this matter.

The full-fledged Russian aggression against Ukraine on 24 February 2022 has significantly and dynamically transformed the geopolitical situation in Central Europe.

One of consequences of these dynamic changes, a new, more strategic alliance between Poland and the Czech Republic has emerged. Both countries share similar geopolitical, military, economic and social interests and concerns with regard to the situation in and around Ukraine. From a regional security point of view, Poland and the Czech Republic are strategically interested in Ukraine’s victory over the Russian Federation, its successful future post-war reconstruction and its further European integration. The European Values Center for Security Policy has been implementing several projects supported by the Czech-Polish Forum since 2020.