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Atlas of Russian and Chinese Influence

Last update in September 2022

The European Values Center for Security Policy launches a new interactive website, Atlas of Russian and Chinese Influence.

Our experts have brought together a complete overview of all available information on whether and how individual MPs and governments are helping or hindering the spread of Russian and Chinese influence. We uncover and evaluate many specific links of Czech politicians to the Russian Federation or the People’s Republic of China and map related activities that help spread said hostile influence in the Czech Republic.

Based on the survey, we found that a total of 25 politicians facilitated the spread of Russian influence through their overall actions during the period under review, and 28 individuals did the same in the case of Chinese influence.

Conversely, 150 politicians worked against the spread of Russian influence and 49 politicians fought against the spread of Chinese influence.

The best result was achieved by the Pirates party, whose members, on average, were the most opposed to both Russian and Chinese influence in the period under review. On the other hand, the SPD had the worst record, as its members acted in favour of Russian and Chinese influence the most of all parliamentary parties.

Among the politicians who most help the spread of Russian influence are the SPD MPs Tomio Okamura, Jaroslav Foldyna and Radim Fiala, who also dominate in the spread of Chinese influence. However, the worst rating was received by Radek Vondráček of the ANO movement.

In the section “For the media” you will find:

  • political parties that are most active in spreading hostile influence,
  • the politicians who are most active in helping or systematically fighting against the spread of influence,
  • selected cases related to Russian-Chinese influence.

More information on the methodology for assessing politicians’ activities is available on the Influence Atlas website at this link.

Media Contact:

Karolína Kabešová, Project Coordinator
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