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Summit 2023

President Petr Pavel and Minister Joseph Wu Address Security Challenges and Democratic Resilience at European Values Summit 2023

Prague, June 14, 2023 – The European Values Center for Security Policy was proud to host the 9th edition of the European Values Summit, an international conference focused on security policy. The summit took place on June 14, 2023, under the auspices of the President of the Czech Republic, H.E. Petr Pavel, who delivered an inspiring opening keynote speech. Notably, H.E. Joseph Wu, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan), graced the summit with a keynote speech on Taiwan’s policy towards Europe, including the Czech Republic.

The European Values Summit is widely recognized as one of the most important events in the field, regularly attracting experts and key representatives from NATO, EU member states, allied institutions, and countries. This year over 250 people from more than 20 countries attended the conference to participate in insightful discussions, sharing wartime experiences, and addressing crucial issues such as creating a safer and healthier information environment, strengthening democratic resilience, and countering Russian and Chinese proxies in Europe. Program focused on the malign influence of China and democratic resilience in Taiwan, exploring how Taiwan’s experiences can inform the ongoing struggle to preserve democratic unity in other democracies, particularly in Central and Eastern Europe.

For the first time in diplomatic history, NATO head of state – Czech president, H. E. Petr Pavel publicly shared a stage with Taiwanese Foreign Minister – Joseph Wu, who spoke immediately after Czech President Petr Pavel opened the event. This is unusual given European leaders generally do not share the stage with senior Taiwanese officials and it was reported by Reuters as a diplomatic breakthrough.

H.E. Petr Pavel, in his opening keynote speech, underscored the importance of unity among democratic nations: “Let’s bear in mind that China’s long-term strategic interests and values are incompatible with ours. To prevent the reshaping of the world order through China’s economic, scientific, or military power, we must establish a strong counterbalance and earn respect. This counterbalance can only be achieved if we stay united, not just within the EU or NATO, but among all democratic countries worldwide.”

Minister Joseph Wu, inspired by the late President Havel, expressed his pride in speaking in the Czech Republic alongside President Pavel. His speech, titled “One Theater, One World, & One Vision,” called for a future where Taiwan and fellow democracies unite to counter authoritarianism. Minister Wu stated, “For Taiwan to remain strong, resilient, and continue its policy of maintaining the status quo, we need the support of our European friends.”

Taiwan’s Foreign Minister, Joseph Wu, emphasized the importance of European support in maintaining peace and stability with China during his speech and drew lessons from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, warning that a conflict in the Taiwan Strait could have severe global repercussions, particularly in disrupting supply chains and impacting industries reliant on the strait. „The PRC is following Sun Tzu’s ‘Art of War’, trying to crush the enemy without going to war. As we speak, the PRC is continuing to flex its muscle to intimidate Taiwan, including sending its war planes and vessels across the medium line of the Taiwan Strait,“ he said.

The last keynote speech was delivered by Renate Nikolay, Deputy Director-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology at the European Commission. Nikolay is a highly qualified legal professional who has held various high-level positions within the European Institutions. She has also served as Head of Cabinet for Vice-President Jourova and Commissioner Jourova, focusing on justice, consumers, gender equality, and values and transparency. “Europe will show that it is not only capable to developing a new digital rulebook but enforcing it as well. We want to have an AI that is in full respect of democratic values and instills the trust of its users “. Later she discussed about the EU digital rulebook and the fight against disinformation with other experts in the field of media, data analysis, computer science, and sociology.

The European Values Center for Security Policy has a long-term focus on the challenges arising from the influence of Russia and China. The organization recently unveiled a new strategic plan focused on cooperation with the Indo-Pacific region, addressing security challenges related to the rise of China, tensions in the Taiwan Strait, and shifting balance in this critical region. The Center will primarily focus on a sustainable Czech strategy towards Taiwan and China in the European context, from both the Prague and Taipei offices of the organization.

For more information including pictures and videos from the European Values Summit 2023 follow the link below.


H.E. PETR PAVEL, President of the Czech Republic


H.E. JOSEPH WU, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan)


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