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Our Programs

Although Communist China is a less immediate military threat than Russia, its hostile interference operations are equally worrisome. Red Watch Program focuses on focus on analyzing and countering this malign influence.

Kremlin Watch is a strategic program of the European Values Center for Security Policy which aims to expose and confront instruments of Russian influence and disinformation operations focused against Western democracies.

European Values Center for Security Policy brings a practically oriented two-semestral educational program of the Security Academy. In small groups, participants will meet with leading security experts from the Czech Republic and abroad.

As part of these projects, the European Values Center for Security Policy ​​transfers practical experience from the Czech Republic and other Western states to countries such as Ukraine, Georgia and Belarus.

Within the program we are monitoring the situation in Hungary as the Prime Minister Viktor Orban is a menace. To the detriment of Europe’s military, economic, and energy security, his Fidesz government serves authoritarian Russia and China’s interests in Brussels and beyond.

The Balkans Watch Briefing is a monthly newsletter aimed at summarizing the latest policy developments and non-governmental activities in the area of monitoring, exposing and countering hostile foreign influence in the Western Balkans.