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They said about us

“Today, it is definitely not my first engagement with EVC. EVC represent for me a body which for long time deals with security issues, it is well-known internationally.”

Czech President Petr Pavel

June 15 2023 at the European Values Summit

“I am glad that the spectrum of our cooperation (with Taiwan) has expanded today to include the permanent presence of a Czech think-tank in Taiwan. I wish European Values every success in their mission in Taiwan.”

“I’m very thrilled to see the EVC opens an office in Taipei. The establishment of the EVC Taipei office is an example of what can be achieved, when vibrant democracies work together. (..) It is my sincere hope that EVC’s Taipei office can share its expertise with researchers and institutions in Taiwan. I’m confident that these exchanges will produce valuable insights and practical countermeasures to combat hybrid threats of disinformation, cyber-attack, and economic coercion.”

“(…) from my personal experience I can vouch for the European Values Center as a forum for discussion, a way to surface ideas and to bring thinkers together. (…) the establishment of this Center highlights Taiwan’s contributions to the democratic values and beliefs that we share both with Taiwan and with our European partners. And it recognizes Taiwan’s critical role in regional security. Just as Europe has a lot to offer Taiwan, Taiwan as a primary target of PRC malign activity has a deep expertise that it can share with European partners. The European Values Center will provide a venue to share information and ideas of free and open matter. (..) So, Jakub (Janda, Director of EVC), we look forward to partnering with you.”