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Czech-Polish Forum

The European Values Center for Security Policy has been implementing several projects supported by the Czech-Polish Forum since 2020.

The main topics covered by these projects varied over the time. While in 2020, the main topics were the development of European defence and security policy, the US military presence in Poland, the defence capability of NATO’s eastern wing, and the fight against hostile influence operations by Russia and China, in 2022 these were replaced with foreign security policies and challenges caused by Russian aggression in Ukraine.
Within the cooperation with the Warsaw Institute, several experts workshops attended by Czech and Polish civil society representatives were organized in 2020-2021.

The European Values Center for Security Policy, in cooperation with another Polish partner Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW), has published in 2022 the discussion policy paper titled “Strengthening the Czech-Polish policy coordination with regard to the Eastern Partnership, especially to the assistance to Ukraine”. The paper is based on the recommendations of Czech and Polish representatives in 7 selected policy areas (like cyber or energy security, military cooperation of preparing Ukraine for accession negotiations), which are proposed and addressed to both governments.

This policy discussion paper has been produced under the project Czech-Polish Forum 2022. The project is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

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