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Czech Hub in Taiwan

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic and challenging political and economic situation, Taiwan and the Czech Republic established several new linkages within the context of their informal albeit strong bilateral relations. Trade and research and development (R&D) represent important cornerstones of cooperation which engages both, business and academic sectors. Even though Taiwanese investors have already established consequential economic bases that encourage further interactions in trade, the potential of Czech exports to Taiwan remains to be untapped. Furthermore, potential connections among relevant NGO players would create another layer of the rapidly evolving relationship between Taiwan and the Central Eastern European region.

Therefore, the European Values Center for Security Policy and the Czech-Taiwanese Business Chamber, in cooperation with other partners from Taiwan and the Czech Republic, established a new Czech Hub in Taiwan which will assist in building the Czech community in Taiwan by offering a physical space and know-how for new and existing initiatives in Taiwan. This platform will also serve as a unique informal tool for strengthening Czech-Taiwanese relations, as it will enable implementation of joint semi-governmental projects. The press release about the opening ceremony can be found under this link.

In the logo of the Czech Hub in Taiwan, a tilia tree, the national tree of the Czech Republic, and an eight-rayed sun, inspired by Taiwanese symbols for excellence and prosperity, intertwine to create the overall shape of a four-leaf clover for a good luck.