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Security Academies Educational Program

The program has been discontinued within the framework of European values since the summer of 2023.

The aim of the Security Academies Programme is to strengthen the knowledge, competences and capacities in the areas of foreign and security policy among various target groups. Similarly, we want to contribute to the development of young talents, whom we help to find employment in security institutions, in public administration and in the non-governmental sector. We are expanding the numbers of experts on security threats in places where they can effectively address them.

Our programs focus on: the functioning of national and international security institutions; the functioning of the military, police and intelligence services; the practical aspects of political decision-making on security policy; the protection of democratic institutions from the illegitimate influence of authoritarian regimes; energy security; Eastern Partnership policy, the fight against disinformation, media literacy and cyber security.

The core project of the programme is the Security Academy, which is an annual two-semester training programme for selected students of Master’s and PhD programmes as well as recent graduates interested in security and security policy. The programme consists of regular lectures and workshops, study tours and visits to institutions (including abroad), and, importantly, a personalised long-term mentoring programme led by experienced practitioners in the field. We help participants to find an internship tailored to their areas of focus.