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European Values Summit

The European Values Center for Security Policy will host the 9th edition of European Values Summit, an international conference focused on security policy.

This year’s Summit will take place on 14 June 2023 in Prague.

The previous European Values Summit held in November 2022 provided an opportunity for more than 200 international experts from 30 countries to discuss the threats arising from current hostile influences of Russia and China and for the first time in the summit’s history, Orbán’s Hungary was a major topic. The most important remarks from the previous Summit can be found here.

Almost a year after the outbreak of Russian aggression against Ukraine, it is clear that the war is having manifold global consequences. The war, whatever the outcome, will lead to a fundamental transformation of the European security, energy, economic, and political landscapes. The new instability in Europe, disorder in Ukraine, and heavy economic strains on states and individuals are creating new opportunities for malign actors. European Values Summit aims to be a platform for a deeper discussion of the implications on the European and global security.


Confirmed partners for this year's Summit