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Kremlin Watch Program


The program is suspended from summer 2023

Kremlin Watch is a strategic program of the European Values Center for Security Policy which aims to expose and confront instruments of Russian influence and disinformation operations focused against Western democracies.

Operational monitoring & analysis of disinformation

Our team monitors & analyses disinformation stories on daily basis, observing trends, exposing them when pertinent and conducting fact-checking and myth-busting in the public debate. We often find consequential instances of disinformation or identify actively evolving campaigns and work in close liaison the national press and government authorities to keep them informed.

Weekly reports on Czech disinformation samples to the EEAS Disinformation Review

Our team is the most active contributor to the EEAS East STRATCOM network, which produces the Disinformation Review. We have provided hundreds of disinformation samples, and thanks to our efforts, the Czech disinformation community is one of the most research-intensive in Europe.

Weekly Kremlin Watch Briefing to keep the European policy community updated

Since early 2016, our team produces the Kremlin Watch Briefing.  This bi-weekly product consists of our report on the latest academic studies, counter-efforts by allied institutions and best expert commentaries of the week. It currently reaches over 7000 policy analysts and practitioners throughout NATO member countries.

Development & advising for democratic policy responses at the tactical and strategic levels

Our team dedicates significant resources to developing policy responses that democratic states should employ in order to counter hostile the disinformation activities of foreign powers. We are the official consulting body for Czech Interior Ministry within the Czech Review of National Security. The Czech Republic is setting up a new Hybrid Threat Centre, operating on basis of one of our recommendations. In 2016, the German Federal Academy for Security Policy tasked us with developing policy recommendations as a follow-up to the “Lisa Case”. Our experts advise members of parliament, allied security forces & intelligence agencies on an informal basis. Since 2016, out team has been asked to deliver briefings in over 15 countries from Washington D.C. to Singapore. We also providing skill building and knowledge-based training for various government authorities.

Educational activities for general public & training for practitioners

Our experts speak at public debates, lectures at workshops for students, teachers, and journalists. We cooperate with schools in Czech regions on public lectures on this topic as part of our Educational.

Public and behind-closed-door advocacy for awareness of disinformation efforts in the media and at the policy-maker level

One of our biggest projects is advocating for counter-disinformation efforts to be taken as a serious security threat. As of spring 2016, the entirety of the Czech security-related cabinet is in agreement that Kremlin-orchestrated disinformation efforts must be seriously countered. Working closely with government, the Kremlin Watch Program is the most influential body operating in the area of disinformation in the Czech Republic. Our experts speak to varied media outlets weekly basis, and our work has most notably been covered in Politico, France 24, and the New York Times.

We organize various online & offline platforms for the Czech and European community for countering disinformation

In recent years, we have organized numerous events and run continuous platforms for sharing updates among Czech, European policy and journalistic communities.

We hold the best European specialized event on countering disinformation – EUROPEAN VALUES SUMMIT (formerly known as STRATCOM SUMMIT)

Since 2016, we hold a regular conference, which is dedicated only to countering hostile foreign influence and disinformation operations. It welcomes over 200 government and non-governmental specialists in disinformation for practical lessons-sharing, training and briefings.