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Disinformation Resilience Dialogue: Lessons learned from Central and Eastern Europe

European Values Center for Security Policy has created project called Dialogue on Disinformation Resilience: experiences from Central and Eastern Europe. As a part of the project supported by the Erasmus+ EU programme, the participants developed an e-learning for young people under 30, aiming at media literacy and disinformation resilience.

The project presented young people with a unique opportunity to meet decision-makers and create an e-learning that outlines the lessons learned, the best practices and case studies from their countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Ukraine and Georgia). The aim of the project was to contribute to a greater involvement of young people in democratic life in Europe at different levels, in particular with regard to their political participation and the strengthening of their digital competences and media literacy.

Interactive e-learning course on countering information operation

At the end of 2021, we launched an e-learning course focused on countering foreign influence operations. The aim of the five chapters of this e-learning designed for self-study is to clarify definitions related to the topic of disinformation and influence operations. Users will be confronted with theory and case studies illustrated by former diplomats and intelligence professionals. The e-learning is available by registering here.