Creative skills vs Disinformation

European Values Center for Security Policy has launched a new educational project on disinformation resilience for young people aged 18-30 from the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Participants will gain a range of new knowledge and experiences related to working with disinformation. The project also includes a practical part, during which participants will prepare an online awareness campaign for their peers focusing on the issue of misinformation. The aim is to increase the resilience of young people from the Czech Republic and Slovakia to disinformation.


The project will focus in particular on:

  • development of digital competences and media literacy,
  • exchange of experiences between participants and organizations from the participating countries and raising awareness of disinformation,
  • raising young people’s awareness of common European values,
  • implementing dialogue between young people and decision-makers.

The project includes 4 physical seminars taking place in Prague, where the opening and closing will be held, as well as meetings in Brno and Bratislava. In between the seminars, participants will also meet on three online debates with relevant experts.

  • Prague (February 2023): 3 days

  • Brno (April 2023): 3 days

  • Bratislava (May 2023): 4 days

  • Prague (September 2023): 3 days


What will you gain by participating in the project?

  • Development of media literacy and digital competences.
  • Opportunity to meet experts and journalists who are working to combat disinformation.
  • The opportunity to apply your knowledge and skills in practice in the preparation of a creative awareness-raising campaign.
  • A new perspective on the issue of disinformation (not only) in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

If you have any further questions, please contact:
Michael Murad
Head of Security Academies Educational Program.

The application process is open until 17 January 2023 (12:00 CET).


The partners of the project are

  • European Values Center for Security Policy, Czech Republic
  • Adapt Institute, Slovensko