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Zuzana Košková


Zuzana Koskova is a sinologist with experience in diplomacy, management of research and science, event management, social media or cloudcomputing.  She joined the EVC in February 2023 as the senior program coordinator of the Red Watch program, since April 2023 she has been the Head of the program.

During the Czech presidency of the Council of the EU (2022) she served at the Czech MFA where she also completed the Diplomatic Academy program. Previously, she worked at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in management of science and innovation and as a foreign students coordinator. Before that she worked in a cloudcomupting company and tourism. Apart of that she teaches foreign languages and in her free time travels and engages in sports.

She graduated from MA program Modern China Studies at Freiburg University (Germany), bachelor program Sinology at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague and Humanities at the Faculty of Humanities, CU in Prague. Her research interests are Chinese media, censorship and propaganda.


Media Appearances