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Czech government should continue its active foreign policy towards Ukraine even after the end of the EU Presidency

The Czech Presidency fell during a period of unprovoked ongoing Russian aggression against Ukraine.

During the Czech Presidency, Czech foreign policy on issues such as support for Ukraine, sanctions against the Russian Federation, energy security, and the protection of fundamental rights and democratic values in Hungary was highly visible and positively appreciated by other Western countries that uphold the same foreign policy principles and values. This is despite the fact that, by virtue of this position, the presidency is supposed to be more of an intermediary and honest broker.

The Czech Government should continue these activities after the end of its Presidency of the Council of the EU, and even increase its involvement and emphasis in the above-mentioned issues (assistance to Ukraine, sanctions and relations with Russia, the state of democracy in Hungary), because the Czech Republic will no longer be expected and required by other EU Member States or institutions to be an honest broker.