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PRESS RELEASE – European Values Summit 2023

On June 14, 2023, the European Values Center for Security Policy will host the 9th edition of the European Values Summit, an international conference focused on security policy. This year, the summit will be under the auspices of the President of the Czech Republic, H.E. Petr Pavel, who will deliver an opening keynote speech. H.E. Joseph Wu, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan) is visiting Prague and will also deliver the keynote speech at the European Values Summit 2023. Accredited media representatives are invited to a meeting with the Foreign Minister of Taiwan Joseph Wu, who will respond to questions related to the policy of Taiwan towards Europe or specifically the Czech Republic.

The summit is considered one of the most important events in this field and regularly attracts around 200 experts and key representatives from NATO, EU member states, allied institutions, and countries. The conference offers valuable insights from unique wartime experiences and fosters discussions on creating a safer and healthier information environment, strengthening democratic resilience, and addressing the challenge posed by Russian and Chinese proxies in Europe. The program of the summit will primarily concentrate on malign Chinese influence and democratic resilience in Taiwan, exploring how Taiwan’s experiences can inform the ongoing struggle to preserve democratic unity in other democracies, including those in Central and Eastern Europe.

The European Values Center for Security Policy has a long-term focus on the threats arising mainly from the influence of Russia and China. Recently, it has presented a new strategic plan that will focus on issues pertaining to cooperation with the Indo-Pacific region and security challenges therein, including the rise of China, tensions in the Taiwan Strait, and other factors shifting the balance of power in this critical region. European Values Center for Security Policy will primarily focus on a sustainable Czech strategy towards Taiwan and China in the European context, from both the Prague and Taipei offices of the organization. The People’s Republic of China is, next to the Russian Federation, the most important enemy of liberal democracies and there will be a strategic discussion in the European and transatlantic context in the coming years on how to deal with the upcoming conflict.

Program and profiles of speakers of the Summit are available under this link:

The opportunity to schedule individual interviews with selected speakers will only be available to accredited media representatives.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Olga Janžurová, Communications Manager
+420 705 851 889
[email protected]