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Orban Watch Briefing

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The newsletter was published until June 2023.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban is a menace. To the detriment of Europe’s military, economic, and energy security, his Fidesz government serves authoritarian Russia and China’s interests in Brussels and beyond. Aiding and abetting Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, Viktor Orban aligns with similarly authoritarian-trending leaders in central and southern Europe, risking stability and prosperity in exchange for his own short-sighted interests. His irredentist propagation of an ‘Greater Hungary’ narrative among ethnic kin in-and-outside Hungary only gets louder. He decidedly promotes his illiberal worldview despite the norms and values to which the leadership of this NATO and European Union member state purportedly ascribes.
Faced with the threat Orban presents to our common security, the European Values Center presents our latest newsletter – Orban Watch Briefing. Our aim is to accurately inform on those Fidesz policies and actions that weaken the transatlantic alliance and its defense. We hope that with a greater awareness of Orban’s partnerships with Eastern authoritarians, leaders in Europe and North America will recognize and acknowledge the growing danger he presents and respond assertively. We look forward to the day when Hungary resumes its welcome place as a democratic state affirmatively contributing to a better protected, more unified Euro-Atlantic community.