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How do Czech politicians help or fight the malign influence of Russia and China

The European Values Center for Security Policy launches a new interactive website, Atlas of Russian and Chinese Influence.

Our analysts have gathered a complete overview of all available information on how individual members of parliament and the government are helping or hindering the spread of Russian and Chinese influence. We uncover and evaluate many specific links of Czech politicians to the Russian Federation or the People’s Republic of China and map related activities that help spread this malign influence in the Czech Republic.

The Atlas of Influence provides profiles of individual politicians, brief introductions, statements, an overview of votes in the Parliament and their involvement in various cases related to the spread of Russian and Chinese influence.

Based on our research, we found that a total of 25 politicians in the period under review helped spread Russia’s influence through their overall actions, and 28 politicians did the same for China’s influence.

On the contrary, 150 politicians acted against the spread of Russian influence and 49 politicians fought against the spread of Chinese influence. 

In the section “For the media” you will find:

  • the overview of political parties that are most active in spreading hostile influence,
  • the politicians who are most active in helping or systematically fighting the spread,
  • a list of selected cases related to Russian-Chinese influence from 2014 to the present.

More information on the methodology for assessing politicians’ activities is available on the Atlas of Influence website at this link.

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