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Ukrainian expert Kateryna Kruk joins our team as Kremlin Watch Special Fellow

Kateryna Kruk is moving to Prague to join the European Values Think-Tank’ Kremlin Watch Program. She will focus on response of democratic states to Russia’s disinformation efforts, as it has been the primary topic of her life since the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine since 2014.

“Kateryna is one of the bravest people in this field of countering Russian aggression. She was essentially a spokesman for Maidan and then helped put together communications of Ukrainian government during early stages of the Russian war aganist her country. We are honored that she will join our team. She will look for what lessons learnt can EU and NATO countries adopt from the Ukrainian experience in this struggle, plus she will be part of our team preparing the weekly Kremlin Watch Briefing, delivered to more than 7000 policy makers and journalists across the Western hemisphere,” states Jakub Janda, Deputy Director of the European Values Think-Tank: and Head of its Kremlin Watch Program.“

“I am thrilled to join the Kremlin Watch team to work on the joint projects. Especially in the context of recent work I’ve been doing in Ukraine on analyzing the state doctrine of the informational security. Bringing together Ukrainian experience with the expertise of the Kremlin Watch team will result in a fruitful cooperation producing insightful materials on how to respond to Russian disinformation on a state level”, says new Kremlin Watch Special Fellow Kateryna Kruk.

Profile of Kateryna Kruk

Kateryna Kruk is a civil activist and political scientist, co-founder of the international network Global Ukrainians.

She holds a double master’s degree in political science and European Interdisciplinary Studies. An alumna of Wroclaw University, Poland, Central European University, Hungary, College of Europe, Belgium. Participated in the demonstrations on the streets of Kyiv, protesting against President Viktor Yanukovych’s rejection of an EU trade deal. For her active position and commitment during Maidan Kateryna was awarded a Freedom Award “For the people of Maidan” from the Atlantic Council of the USA. Also, Kateryna is a social media journalist and political analyst. She writes for the Guardian, BNE Intellinews, Newsweek, Foreign Policy. My work focuses on developments of Ukrainian civil society, political situation in Ukraine, Russian disinformation and the ways to counter it, new social movements, relations between the European Union and Ukraine.

She worked as a spokesperson of the Ministry of Agriculture of Ukraine (2014), Ministry of Health (2017), and as a political adviser in the European Parliament (2015-2016). Recently she has worked in the field of strategic communications in the Ukraine Crisis Media Centre project for the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, where she was responsible for social media and international communications of the Ukrainian parliament. Kateryna Kruk is also a member of the strategic communications team working on the development of Ukraine’s doctrine of informational security. Bilingual in Ukrainian and Polish. Fluent in English, Russian, French, German.