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We are setting up an account for immediate aid for the defense of Ukraine: 304452700/0300

We are calling on everyone to financially support the collection for immediate assistance in the acquisition of military equipment for the Ukrainian army and militia.

The Armed Forces and Militia of Ukraine are now in urgent need of military material to defend their homes, their country and national sovereignty.

The Embassy and the Office of the Defense Adjutant of Ukraine in Prague has a list of specific requirements of the Ukrainian army that can be immediately procured from Czech companies.

This collection will enable all friends and supporters of Ukraine to contribute to stopping Russian aggression.

❓How to help❓

The Embassy of Ukraine in the Czech Republic has a bank account (304452700/0300) to which funds can be sent for the subsequent purchase of defense equipment. Donors will therefore send a financial donation directly to the Ukrainian Embassy in the Czech Republic.

With the collected funds, the Embassy of Ukraine will select defense material in cooperation with defense experts and representatives of the Defense Section of the Czech Chamber of Commerce and the Association of Defense and Security Industry of the Czech Republic.

In coordination with the state authorities, the Czech Chamber of Commerce, the AOBP and the Ukrainian Embassy, the statutory administration and subsequent logistics of delivery will be ensured.


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This press release is published with the permission of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Czech Republic.