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Set of analyzes from the European Values Think-tank: Islamism, jihadism, refugee crisis, radicalization and ISIS and Europe

In recent days, weeks and months, we have published a series of texts on topics such as Islamism, jihadism, refugee crisis, radicalization and ISIS and Europe. This site serves as a portal where these texts are collected. We monitor these issues systematically since 2012 and we operate our own analytical group Counter-Radicalisation Task Force.





Policy paper: The Challenge of the Islamic State

Extensive text on the topic of combating ISIS, which was created for the Prague European Summit. Written by Shmuel Bar, a researcher at the Samuel Neaman Institute for National Policy Research, and founder and CEO IntuView Ltd, it contains a series of recommendations. Author opens the text saying: The Arab state system that evolved during the second half of the 20th century has collapsed in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, and Somalia, with potential for Lebanon and Jordan to follow suit. Like Lewis Carol’s “Humpty Dumpty”, the countries that have already imploded cannot be put together again without significant investment of political, economic, and/or military capital, which is not available under the circumstances. The breakdown of the nation state and of borders in the Middle East has precipitated a regression to fundamental religious-sectarian and tribal identities. These identities were always present and latent but have now become the primary frame of reference for a large portion of the populace in the region.

Op-ed: Let us fight Islamism at home first

Radko Hokovský comments on the attacks in Paris for Reflex. How is it possible that in ten months since Charlie Hebdo the security forces were not been able to improve their work so as to prevent a much more complex organized coordinated and certainly long in advance planned attack that proved fatal for more than 129 people? Was it a failure of the security system or is it simply not possible to prevent all terrorist attacks?


Op-ed: Let’s change our approach to Islamism

Jakub Janda comments for Respect on the Paris attacks. We have been loosing the war on Islamic terror for fourteen years now,  because we behave as if it were only possible to defeat it militarily. Although we managed to knock the Al-Qaeda to its knees, another terrorist groups grew that hate the Western way of life.


Op-ed: The Freedom to Think Differently

The reaction to the terrorist attacks on Charlie Hebdo highlighted diverging opinions about the freedom of expression. In his op-ed, our analyst Jan Stehlík exposes the hypocrisy with which world leaders approached the atrocity.


Op-ed: Islamism in the EU: a difficult debate

The terrorist attacks committed by jihadists in France in January have stirred the public debate on the relation between Islam and Islamism and on relations with the Muslim population in Europe. Radko Hokovský and Jakub Janda deconstruct the fallacies that are heard and suggest ways to advance the discussion forward.


Series of analysis: Islamism in Europe and the Islamic State

Radicalisation towards militant Islamism and terrorism constitutes a long-term threat for the European Union countries. The problem is gaining dangerous momentum with the expansion of the Islamic State, which changes the geopolitical arrangement in the Middle East, encourages radicalisation and inspires terrorist attacks in Europe and elsewhere in the world. Addressing this situation requires a proactive approach of the political leaders and expert public in the fight against the spread of Islamism. For this reason, the European Values think tank ​​presents this expert five-chapter publication, which lays down the basis for a discussion on how to successfully remove the threat of IS and secure Europe against the threat of Islamic terrorism.


Analysis: Islam in Austrian Law

Reacting to the dynamic shift in the Muslim communities across Europe, Austria recently passed a new law which redefines the relationship between the state and Islam. In its scope, the new law is unprecedented. While recognising Islam as a religion of Austria, it limits foreign financing and draws strict rules as to the education of religious figures.


Analysis: The Challenge of the Islamic State

What should the EU do in order to help defeat the so-called Islamic State and prevent the formation of other similar territorial terrorist organisations in the destabilised and failed states of the Middle East and Africa?


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