Roger Waters concert organisers should cancel his concerts in the Czech Republic, as they did in Poland in April

Roger Waters is deliberately supporting the Russian Federation with his statements regarding Russian aggression against Ukraine, and is thus trying to justify the indefensible. By criticising and questioning Western arms supplies to a defending Ukraine and calling for ‘peace’, he has become a de facto part of Russia’s hybrid operations abroad. Among other things, Waters addressed the UN Security Council at the direct invitation of the Russian Federation, which now holds the UNSC presidency. In recent interviews with German media, the singer also described Russian President Putin as a man who “governs prudently [and] takes decisions by consensus.” He further accused the West of being responsible for the war in Ukraine.

Presumably for these reasons, his recent concert in Krakow, Poland, in April was cancelled by the organisers. The singer is continuing his tour in the Czech Republic. Czech organizers should therefore follow a similar procedure as their Polish colleagues.