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Czech government should open dialogue with Slovakia on strategic cooperation in Ukraine’s reconstruction

Why is this issue topical? The President of Slovakia and the President of the Czech Republic recently visited Kiev together, demonstrating their extraordinary bond and commitment to support Ukraine. NATO and EU members have been actively assisting Ukraine since the early stages of the conflict. While the Czech Republic is making progress in post-war reconstruction projects, Slovakia is lagging behind, not least because of political problems in Bratislava. The united front presented by the Slovak and Czech Presidents in Kiev underlines the importance of joint efforts in the reconstruction of the region. Slovakia’s promising cooperation with Ukraine lies in the area of demining, where Slovakia boasts world-class expertise, as underlined by Slovak President Zuzana Čaputová. Czech President Petr Pavel mentioned six key joint venture projects with Ukraine, including technology transfer and production by Czech companies on Ukrainian territory, especially in the field of military production.

What should the Czech Republic do next? Given the exceptional mutual support between the Slovak President and the Czech President on foreign policy issues related to Ukraine, it is essential that both countries align their efforts towards Ukraine and coordinate its reconstruction. In order to maximise its impact, Slovakia should not only focus on demining, but also expand its portfolio to include its other businesses and industries. Through cooperation, the Czech Republic can help Slovakia expand its portfolio, allowing for a more comprehensive approach to Ukraine’s reconstruction efforts. This synergy will not only strengthen mutual contributions to Ukraine’s reconstruction, but also strengthen regional alliances at multiple levels. By working together and combining their expertise, the Czech and Slovak partners will make a significant contribution to Ukraine’s post-war reconstruction and long-term stability and foster stronger ties and shared growth in the region.