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Press release: The European Values Center for Security Policy starts new training project for uncovering disinformation

Our team has long been involved in training and providing educational activities to promote media literacy, effective analysis of disinformation activities, open source investigations, and personal and operational security, primarily for representatives of non-profit organizations in Central and Eastern Europe or the Western Balkans. As part of a new project, we are preparing a series of training sessions for non-governmental sector representatives, which will include investigators and bloggers from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland.

From the spring of 2020, the European Values Center for Security Policy will organize a series of training sessions with its partners to develop their skills. It will prepare them to inaugurate their own investigations and analytic activity to detect disinformation, enable its mapping, and uncover the hostile influence of the Russian government in the Central European information space. The results of the work of project participants will be published with the assistance of the European Values Center for Security Policy.

This project will take place in collaboration with the Slovak think-tank STRATPOL and the Polish think-tank The Warsaw Institute, which will design educational activities for participants from Slovakia and Poland. The project is funded by the U.S. Department of State’s Global Engagement Center.