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Press Conference: Proposal for a reform of the EU Immigration and Asylum System

European Values Think-Tank would like to invite you to attend the Press Conference in the European Parliament in Brussels where the proposal for a reform of the EU Immigration and Asylum System will be presented.

The uncontrolled arrival of more than 1 million asylum seekers and irregular migrants to the EU in 2015 should not repeat itself in the following years.This proposal to reform the EU asylum and immigration system aims to significantly reduce the number of arriving migrants and to establish a new robust European aid policy in the regions of the Middle East and Africa. The basic assumption of this reform plan is that the solution to the current migration crisis is not in closing the borders of nation states, but rather in a common European solution.


The new system is based on eight principles and will contain 23-pages of policy measures. It will be presented by Radko Hokovský, the Executive Director of the European Values Think-Tank.

When: Tuesday 31 May 2016, 15:00

Where: the European Parliament in Brussels, room A5F385

Accreditation: XXXX

In case of questions or comments, please contact the Communications Manager Tereza Svobodová via the phone number +420 731 230 789 or the e-mail [email protected].

Yours sincerely,

the European Values Think-Tank