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Ukraine Watch Briefing

The Ukraine Watch Briefing is a bi-weekly newsletter summarizing the latest developments in Ukraine, currently defending its territory against Russian aggression. The Ukraine Watch Briefing covers several key areas of the conflict. The goal is to provide the readers with a comprehensive overview of the consequences of the Russian hostile acts against Ukraine.    

Ukraine has been a subject of Russian hybrid warfare for many years. On February 24, 2022, Russia started a full-scaled kinetic war against Ukraine with these declared goals: regime change, de-militarization and occupation of major parts of Ukraine territory, and de-facto liquidation of Ukraine statehood. These initial Russian plans failed, and the conflict became a war of attrition.

Ukraine is in dire need of Western (not only) support and aid in many areas (military, economic, political and humanitarian) to withstand the Russian pressure. The authors of the Ukraine Watch Briefing – our team of Ukrainian experts from the Information Defence Hub are monitoring the topics crucial for a better understanding of the Ukrainian situation and its specific needs. They also provide assessments of the practical impact of Western support to Ukraine. Another key area covered by the Ukrainian Watch Briefing is the Ukrainian integration process.

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