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Lessons learned from operational security of civil society organisations in Georgia

This Report follows a year of cooperation between non-governmental organizations and think-tanks from Central Europe and the Eastern Neighbourhood (EN) with the support of the European Commission. The aim of the project was to enhance the resilience and self-protection capabilities of civil society in Georgia, Ukraine, and Moldova. The project envisages empowering organizations and experts in target countries who counter the Kremlin disinformation, as well as media representatives and civil activists.

This report identifies the institutional and personal security challenges and needs of Georgian civil society organizations (CSOs), media, and activists draw from in-depth interviews with representatives of these sectors, all of whom faced different types of cyber, personal, counter-intelligence and information security issues.

The Media Development Foundation (MDF) conducted in-depth interviews with 24 respondents, out of which 12 represent CSOs, 8 come from media services, 3 are civil activists, and 1 hold office in a government institution.