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Information Defense Hub travel to Taiwan

In October 2022, our two Ukrainian experts from the Information Defense Hub (IDH) team visited Taiwan. Their visit aimed at sharing their valuable knowledge and expertise on how Ukraine has dealt with military aggression from a much larger neighbouring country, Russian Federation. During their visit, they participated in several meetings and conferences with representatives of Taiwanese civil society, government and parliament. These meetings focused on fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing and exploring new ways to tackle evolving cybersecurity challenges.
For the IDH experts working on the “War in Ukraine – Lessons Learned from Ukraine” report, being focused on such areas as STRATCOM & countering disinformation, energy and critical infrastructure, cyber and civil resilience, the visit was a perfect opportunity to share their findings, which could prove to be highly relevant and beneficial for Taiwan, a country, which has been on the cyber espionage and disinformation campaigns receiving end, which is led by its larger neighbour, PR China.

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