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How Russian Propaganda Portrays European Leaders

Czech top two analytical institutions present a data-based study on how Russian propaganda media portray European leaders. 


Data-based study on how Russian media portray European leaders in the last two years. Over 60 million articles in Russian-language media have been analysed. 

JJ_TK2František Vrobel

CEO of Sematic Visions, senior data analyst



JJ_TK2Jakub Janda

Head of Kremlin Watch Program and Deputy Director at European Values Think-Tank




Semantic Visions is a risk assessment firm based in Prague, Czech Republic. It runs its private Open Source Intelligence system, which is unique in its category and enables solutions to a new class of tasks to include geo-political analyses based on Big Data from the Internet. Find more at


European Values Think-Tank is a non-partisan institution defending liberal democracy based in Prague, Czech Republic. It runs its Kremlin Watch Program seeking to expose and counter Kremlin-orchestrated disinformation operations. Find more at