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Guide to Kremlin’s disinformation & influence operations in Europe

In this document, you will find a convenient summary of publications by our Kremlin Watch Program. Designed for ease of use, this report will provide what we call a “Summary of what every policy-maker should know“, however, it is a useful tool for anyone interested in the topic of Kremlin’s disinformation and influence in Europe.

It provides answers to these questions:

  • How do Russian-speaking media portray European leaders?
  • How the EU countries responded to Russian aggression in Ukraine?
  • What can international organizations, governments and civil society do to oust Kremlin hostile influence out of Europe?
  • What are the EU countries already doing to counter Kremlin’s subversive operations?
  • What can be done for the protection of a democratic electoral process?
  • What can be done to counter hate speech and fake news on online platforms?
  • What is the capacity of the Russian Federation to have impact on the information space of Central and Eastern European countries?
  • What far-right groups operate in Central and Eastern Europe and what is their connection to the Kremlin?
  • What are the vulnerabilities of Central Europe towards the influence of the Kremlin?
  • Do Czech citizens believe Kremlin’s narratives?
  • How did the Czech Republic become of the leading countries in countering Russian disinformation?

Download it in PDF.

You can find the full publications of the Kremlin Watch Program here.