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Global EU Strategy: Empty Wishes, No Real Plan

The High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, fulfilled its commitment at the June European Council meeting introducing a new European Union foreign policy strategy- an estimated thirteen years after the Solana´s European Security Strategy.

But the new European Values strategy is too abstract and provides minimum specific guidelines. Challenges and threats are not classified and their definitions are often vague. The main downside of the document is its excessive idyllic nature and ambiguity. Document is missing further characterization and development of concepts such as strategic communication, durability, and integrated approaches to conflict or EU-NATO cooperation.

Among its positive aspects is the explicit naming of Russian aggression in the Crimea including strategic communication as a tool of war against disinformation and fulfilment of international commitments vis-a-vis Sustainable Development Goals and/or development aid. Despite all expectations, the Global strategy is a product whose added value can be effectively doubted. Please read below our complete evaluation.