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Former Czech diplomat Alžběta Chmelařová joins the European Values Think-Tank as a Senior Analyst

Kremlin Watch Program is joined by a former government expert on Eastern Partnership region.

„Alžběta is one of the Czech prime specialists on Ukraine and the Eastern European region. After serving for four years in Kiev as a Czech diplomat and cooperating with several non-governmental organisations, she is joining our Kremlin Watch Program to head a project which delivers weekly updates on the Russian hostile influence efforts. The Kremlin Watch Briefing is delivered weekly to more than 7000 policy-makers and journalists in the Western hemisphere. Moreover, Alžběta lives in London which gives us more chances to work with policy-makers in the strategically important United Kingdom.” states Jakub Janda, Deputy Director of the European Values Think-Tank: and Head of its Kremlin Watch Program.“

I worked as a diplomat at the Czech Embassy in Kiev where I arrived just before the Revolution of Dignity started. Having the opportunity to observe and be part of the transformational struggle and having the opportunity to experience the hostile influence Russia has been projecting over Ukraine, I have realized this is not something that is happening far away but can easily spill over. I am joining European Values Think-Tank because of their strong position on the Russian issue and for me this is a way how to contribute to something I believe is hugely important,” says Kremlin Watch Senior Analyst Alžběta Chmelařová.

Alžběta Chmelařová

Senior Analyst, based in London

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: +44 7455 496 444

PROFILE: Elizabeth specializes in post-Soviet countries, especially Ukraine, Russia and Azerbaijan. She has experience from the region, having worked there for a long time, for both the state and the non-profit sector. She acted as a diplomat at the political section of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Kiev (2013-2017) and before that, in the human-law department of People in Need. She studied international relations at FSV UK. She is currently based in London and is engaged in country risk and due consultancy diligence. She also cooperates with the Association for International Affairs.