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Foreign Authoritarian Influence in the Western Balkans

The project sets out to create a tool for detailedly measuring hostile influence by authoritarian states, such as the Russian Federation, the Chinese People’s Republic, Turkey and the Gulf states. In particular, the project aims at understanding the nature and quantifying the degree of authoritarian influence in the Western Balkan region, specifically in North Macedonia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The present report is a part of a project titled Understanding and Responding to Foreign Malign Influence and was supported by the National Endowment for Democracy. The co-authors of the report are Anida Šabanović, Mahir Sijamija and Haris Ćutahija (Foreign Policy Initiative BH), Milena Gvozdenović (Center for Democratic Transition), Marko Pankovski (Institute for Democracy „Societas Civilis”), Dorka Takácsy and Dominik Istrate (Political Capital), Veronika Víchová (European Values).