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EVC signs MoU with ASPI

On May 10 in Prague, European Values Center for Security Policy (EVC) Director Jakub Janda signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Cooperation with the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) Director Justin Bassi.

The MoU Signing was preceded by a roundtable discussion with ASPI Director Justin Bassi about Australian foreign and defense policy towards China and NATO-Australia engagement.

„ASPI is the global leading hub on China policy. In recent years, EVC hosted ASPI experts at our conferences to get their well-regarded insights into understanding the national security threat China poses. We have been discussing with (Director of ASPI) Justin how can we bridge the gap and exchange strategic assessments of Russia-China alliance, so we are going for a formalised coooperation with this MoU. From our EVC side, our Australian partners appreciate our insights into European China and Taiwan policies, lessons from the Russian war in Ukraine and our unique position of being so far the only European think-tank with permanent presence and access in Taiwan,“ says EVC Director Jakub Janda

EVC has already signed similar cooperation agreements with INSS (ROK), RCAST at the University of Tokyo (JPN) and INDSR (TW).