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[18.6.2020] European Values Talk #6: How to decouple Europe from dependence on China? (on-line panel debate)


China is getting more hostile and many European democracies are finally getting to the point to understand that economic and therefore political dependence on the Chinese Communist Party is dangerous phenomenon. How can European democracies take their geopolitical independence back?


Ferdinand Schaff, Senior Manager Greater China, BDI – Federation of German Industries
Matthew Henderson, Asia Program Director, Henry Jackson Society, UK
Edward Lucas, Senior Fellow, Centre for European Policy Analysis, UK
Nathalie Vogel, Non-Resident Senior Fellow, European Values Center for Security Policy, CZ


Jakub Janda, Director, European Values Center for Security Policy, CZ


Thursday, June 18 2020

09:00 – 10:30 EDT (Washington, D.C.)
14:00 -15:30 CET (London)
15:00 -16:30 CET (continental Europe)


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