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Comparing Lessons Learned from Countering Russian Disinformation in Georgia and Czech Republic

This paper aims to analyze the Czech experience of countering disinformation on both governmental and non-governmental levels. The reason for choosing the Czech Republic is twofold: firstly, the historical commonalities as well as current similarities in terms of the praxis of the disinformation in the Czech case make it worth examining for Georgia; and secondly, with comparison to other European countries, the Czech Republic led with a major policy shift on the topic on Russian disinformation and thus provides some useful lessons.

The paper analyzes the hostile disinformation in the Czech Republic and Georgia. The footprint of Russia’s malign influence in both countries is examined in 3 dimensions: political, media, and societal. The paper analyzes the countermeasures that are deployed in the Czech Republic and provides recommendations for the relevant stakeholders in Georgia. The methods employed during the analysis are qualitative character. The desk research and in-depth interviews with relevant Czech stakeholders were used for data collection and subsequent analysis.