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Annual report on the state of the Czech disinformation scene for 2022

The core of the Czech disinformation scene has long been made up of roughly 40 active disinformation websites. This number fluctuates slightly, as the network of disinformation websites is variable, some websites disappear, but are replaced by new ones. In previous years, their number was around 40, but in 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic, more new disinformation websites were created than usual, and therefore the list for 2020 included 51 active disinformation websites. Year-over-year, that number dropped to 46 for 2021, and the current 2022 list includes 39 active disinformation sites. The aim of this annual report is to provide up-to-date information on the state of the Czech disinformation scene and its development in 2022. The content includes:

  • an updated list of active and relevant disinformation websites,
  • basic statistics of activity and readership of individual websites,
  • the most important cases discussed on the disinformation scene in the past year,
  • trends that have changed or influenced the disinformation environment over the past year,
  • an overview of the activity of Czech disinformation websites on social networks.


Veronika Krátka Špalková – Analyst
Matěj Pastír – Junior Analyst
Jindřich Přívratský – Junior Analyst
Zuzana Činčerová – Associate
Viktor Šerák – Associate