Nathalie Vogel


Nathalie Vogel has dedicated her career to the defense and the promotion of democracy and democratic movements around the world. A graduate of the Institute of Political Sciences of the University of Innsbruck, Austria, Nathalie taught international relations at the University of Bonn, Germany. She has served as a project officer and consultant for youth and civil society at the NATO Office in Moscow.

Until 2015, Nathalie Vogel was a Fellow at the Institute of World Politics in Washington DC and worked as a contractor with the USG.

As a specialist in info-warfare, Nathalie has been monitoring influence operations in Germany since 2007 and advises lawmakers and think tanks. She is a reserve Officer in the German AF.

She joined EVC in 2015 as a Senior external fellow where she oversaw the monitoring of hostile influence and disinformation campaigns in the German language info-space. Nathalie developed advocacy campaigns, liaising with NATO allied embassies and German parliaments (federal and local), Federal ministries and political parties.

In 2020 Nathalie joined the Kremlin Watch Program as a Senior Fellow. Her assignment encompasses internal security incl. investigation of cyber incidents, background checks, supervision of training and coordination of security briefings as well as monitoring and countering

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